2022 Enrollment Information

St. John's UMC Parents' Day Out & Preschool

2022 Enrollment Dates

2022-23 School Year Enrollment

January 20--Church Members & Current Families https://forms.gle/d2DJDugPRVubvq3h8

January 25--Past Families & Alumni https://forms.gle/BGjTFdBaKPpx1CWg6

January 27--New Families https://forms.gle/QNBgpivGNb1UTB8e8

2022 Summer Session Enrollment

February 17--Church Members & Current Families https://forms.gle/jo44GxGCVtexfBWC6

February 22--Past Families & Alumni https://forms.gle/LQiqGAXWXeXdr3Qq6

February 24--New Families https://forms.gle/cFuxV15cuZ3zqPzs5

We offer online enrollment. The links above will go live at 8:30 am on each enrollment day. Once you submit your form you will receive confirmation that it was received. Enrollment will be entered based the order in which it was received (responses are time stamped.)

The Enrollment Form will ask basic questions:

  • Email
  • Child’s name & date of birth
  • Parent’s name
  • Contact info: primary phone and address
  • Number of days you wish to enroll
  • 1st & 2nd choice of days you wish to enroll
  • You will be asked to agree to this statement on your enrollment form:

I agree to submit payment of the Enrollment Fees to St. John's PDO in person or by mail no later than the date specified in my enrollment email. If payment is not received I understand that my enrollment application will not be processed.

Fill out a separate form for each child you wish to enroll. We will use the time stamp for your first child for your family enrollment.

Your child will be place in classrooms based on their date of birth. You do not need to choose a classroom for your child.

The 2022-23 School Year Registration Fee is $125 per child. This fee is non-refundable. We also require you to prepay a portion of your first month's tuition. This tuition will be held in Kangarootime (our billing & communication software) as a deposit toward your September tuition. It will show as a deposit on your statements. The total due per child is $280 ($125 + $155/tuition) and can be paid by cash or check made out to St. John's PDO.

You will receive an email of your enrollment status and due date for enrollment fees approximately one week after you enroll.

Current School Year--2022 Spring Semester

(Current Spring 2022 Semester ONLY)

We have limited availability in our Bumblebee (3.5 year old & potty trained) and Dragonfly (4-5's) classrooms. We are no longer taking names for our young toddler, toddler or 2's classroom waitlists.

Contact Jill Gardner @ jill.gardner@stjohnsumc.org for additional information

St. John's UMC Parents' Day Out & Preschool

Our program accepts children 12 month (by August 31) thru 5 years. We have 5 classrooms:

Ladybug Room: Young toddler (12 months plus)

8 children/2 teachers

Firefly Room: Older toddlers (18 months plus)

8 children/2 teachers

Roly Poly Room: Young preschool--2's

12 children/2 teachers

Bumblebee Room: Preschool--must be 3 & Potty Trained by Aug. 2022

12 children/2 teachers

Dragonfly Room: Older Preschool--4 year olds

12 children/2 teachers

All of our classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2:30 pm. You may enroll for 1-4 days based on your need and our availability. Enrollment in our program is based on the school year, mid-August through the end of May. We also offer a 6 week summer program.

Our Learning Philosophy & Curriculum.

At St. John’s, we believe in the value of play and therefore offer a play-based curriculum that includes lots of indoor and outdoor play, sensory activities, and social/emotional support. This means that there may not be a physical product sent home each day with your child, but we assure you that he/she is learning so much during the time spent at St. John’s. Our preschool classrooms will be arranged by centers and will follow both a play-based curriculum as well as include academic and sensory activities that are age appropriate and will develop skills necessary for Kindergarten and beyond.

In Fall 2019, we implemented the Frogstreet Curriculum to help children reach developmental milestones, both Academic and Social/Emotional. Frogstreet has Conscious Discipline built into the daily classroom environment. Conscious Discipline creates a learning environment where children know they are safe and loved. The children will begin to learn how to solve conflicts, manage their emotions, and take responsibility for their actions. Frog Street also provides the building blocks for math, literacy and science to prepare our students for Kindergarten. Click the link below to be directed to the Frog Street website and learn more about what they offer. http://www.frogstreet.com/curriculum/

2022-23 Fees & Tuition

Tuition for all classrooms for the 2021-22 School Year will be:

$155/month for one day a week

$310/month for two days a week

$465/month for three days a week

$620/month for four days a week

$7.50/month snack fee

Annual Fees:

$125 non-refundable Registration Fee

$35 annual supply fee

2022 Summer Session: June 13--July 21 (closed July 4th)

June 13-July 21 (closed July 4th) Monday-Thursday 9-2:30

Current students stay in their current classroom. New students are placed in classrooms based on their age.

Rates are for the full 6 week session:

$232.50 for one day/week enrolled

$465 for two days/week enrolled

$697.50 for three days/week enrolled

$930 for four days/week enrolled

Registration fees: $35 per child for current students, $65 for new students Registration fees are non-refundable.

The Summer Enrollment Fee is the non-refundable registration fee per child plus one day/week’s tuition (deposit) for the 6 week session. The balance of summer tuition will be due June 1.

  • Current Students--$267.50 total enrollment fee/child
  • New Students--$297.50 total enrollment fee/child

***Enrollment fees must be paid by check or cash.***

***New & Past families will be notified via email for the due date for this fee***

All financial responsibilities must be current for Current & Past Families to enroll for the upcoming year or summer.

Parent Handbook

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