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March 1, 2015

Continuous Self-Improvement

Our WCEA accreditation process can seem like a lot of fruitless work if we treat it as just another task that needs to be completed every five years. But if we look at it as a process of continuous self-improvement it can serve us as a tool for improving our schools. Unlike other industries where accreditation serves to only certify whether a company is operating at standard, accreditation in Catholic schools serves to measure a school's process of self-improvement.

At our March regional principals meeting (March 23rd at Ashland, March 24th at Great Falls, March 25th at Missoula) I would like each principal to present their action goals and progress. Every school is at a different step in the process and we will all benefit if we can articulate our successes and challenges.

For example, it will benefit our schools (6) who are in their self-study year to share their progress and challenges during this time-consuming process. These schools might learn from each other. Our two schools who completed their visits this year can share what worked. The schools who completed their visits in previous years will share a unique perspective of what worked for their self-study and visits as well as their ongoing challenges. And for the schools who are still a year or two away from their first self-study can learn from the mistakes and successes of all schools as they plan and prepare.

Be prepared to give a five minute presentation on your progress. This will certainly prepare you to complete your Annual Reports (due June 1st) which can be found on our website.

Again, I look forward to hearing the successes and challenges as we work together to make our great schools even better.

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

The Week Ahead

Monday: office (morning); fly to San Diego

Tuesday: Chair accreditation visit for St. Charles Academy (San Diego)

Wednesday: visit (cont)

Thursday: visit (cont); fly to Helena

Friday: office (Helena)

This week: 2,528 miles

Last week: 965 miles

2014-15: 29,137 miles

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Notes for Principals

  • If you have RSVP'ed for the Catholic days at the legislature on March 10th, Jean should have sent you an agenda
  • We currently have two principal openings for next year: De La Salle Blackfeet School (Browning) and St. Mary's (Livingston)
  • More information to come on the New Teacher Retreat in August
  • The agenda for the principal regional meetings (Mar 23rd @ St. Labre, Mar 24th @ Great Falls, Mar 25th @ MIssoula):
  • 1. School Updates
  • 2. WCEA Action Plan updates
  • 3. Teacher evaluation process
  • 4. Principal evaluation process
  • 5. Whizfish school app presentation
  • 6. Smarter Balanced testing
  • 7. NCEA dues
  • 8. Asbestos manual (bring to discuss)
  • 9. Title I & II monies
  • 10. religion curriculum update

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