Georgina Torres


Religion was founded by Abraham and whose followers are called Jews. The teachings or belief of Jews are the Sabbath is sunset of Friday until sunset of Saturday and the role of torah is a goal of Judaism is to live a good life. The traditions of Jews are eat kosher food they are not allowed to eat pork or mixing milk or meat products and the 2nd tradition is that a boy or a girl at age of 13 or 12 they became a member of the congregation. The worship leaders are spiritual leaders and the rabbis. The Jewish holy book is the Tanakh. The places of worship are synagogue. The traditions of the jewish are rosh hashanah the new year or the fasting starts,yom kippur fasting ends or celebration,passover is the angel of death hebrews that were bondage in Egypt,and hanukkah celebrates miracle of oil lasting for 8 days when only enough for 1 day in temple. The holy cities or places are in Jerusalem there was the holy temple or the first temple that was built for the jewish.

The common figure

The common figure for all three religious is Abraham or the God of Abraham.

View of god

All 3 religious are monotheistic religions cause they just believe in one god.