New Advisor Subcommittee

Academic Advisor Group

REMINDER- NAS Meeting Today!

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 11am-12pm

Academic Resource Center, Conference Room

Join the conversation as Justin Miller, Senior Director of the Resnick Academic Support Center, gives us information about how to best support our student athletes.

After Justin's talk, please bring any issues/excitements you are experiencing for group conversation.

Save-The-Date New Advisor Subcommittee Meetings

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming New Advisor Subcommittee meetings for Spring 2016:

Thursday, March 10th @ 11am

Thursday, April 14th @ 11am

Save-The-Date Advisor Social Series

Join your fellow colleagues as we gather out of the office to network, relax, and explore the city together at the Advisor Social Series events:

Wednesday, March 2nd-TBD

Tuesday, April 5th-TBD

Wednesday, April 27th- TUAAD Edition, Master's Bar and Restaurant

If you have preferences on locations, please e-mail Zach (

All advisors are welcome and encouraged to attend all social series events.

The New Advisor Subcommittee aims to provide a support system for academic advisors who are either new to advising or new to Temple University. One of our main goals is to promote networking and communication across all schools and colleges within the university. We will also strive to provide skill building opportunities and a safe space for new advisors to ask questions, express their insecurities, and share best practices in order to help each other overcome the challenges we are faced with as new advisors.