Coding: For kids and Adults!

2015 Edition!

The future is coding! Everything we use, a computer, a Ipad, our phone's, or our tv! Anything we use on a regular day is coded! Kids can code, not just adults. Get a head start on what you could soon love! On the hour of code, you start of with a kind of code called Blockly, now do NOT think of it as stacking blocks. Inside the layer, is a code like:


#include <iostream>

int main()


for (int i = o; i < 10; i++)


std::cout << "\n*";




Now, don't be confused. All that code did was make a triangle come on the screen. One harder way of code is Java Script. Ever played Minecraft? Well Minecraft is made of Java Script. When Minecraft loads, look at the screen. You will see a Java Script Logo.

Want harder? Well try coding a website like the creator of Facebook, the creator of Dropbox, even Bill Gates. Coding is a very easy thing to do. Studying coding is very hard tho. You must learn to speak the language of code. Its like learning a new word, like amigo. Well it is. Millions of students are doing the hour of code. Not just you, or you, but I am to. Developers code, owners code, if you try the code, you will succeed.

"Code Stars" - Short Film
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Monday, Dec. 8th 2014 at 1am

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Computer Science and Education Week!!
Coding ( School Project )
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Hey! I'm Caden T.! My favorite book series is Harry Potter! ( BOO to all you muggles ). As told above,I ❤️ Coding! My favorite subjects are Reading,Science,Social Studies, and Math! I'm a triple threat! Actor,Singer,and Dancer!

Screen Cast! Learn how to code!

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