Second Grade Straight Talk


Classroom News:

Mark your Calendar:

10/1: Pizza-Hut Book-It Reading Program Starts

10/21 & 10/24 - 10/26: Hornung Book Fair

10/31: Hornung Parade (9:05 am)

10/31: Classroom Halloween Party (2:00 - 3:30 pm)

11/1: November Pizza-Hut Book-It Reading Program Starts

HORNUNG "PINK WEEK" : October is Cancer Awareness month!

Monday - Friday: Coin donations can be turned into our classroom container.

Wednesday: Wear a hat to school today ($1.00 donation)

Friday: Wear PINK to school

Book-It: Encourage your child to color the pumpkins (calendar) after each reading at home. Participants will WIN A PERSONAL PIZZA COUPON at the beginning of November!

Student Planners: I'm pleased to see SO many children printing neater than a month ago! If you are noticing the same thing...please tell your child and recognize them!

Assessments: Please know that I read ALL student assessments aloud in class. Students are encouraged to stay at my pace and "double-triple check" their work before turning them into me.

Homework: This week we discussed the importance of turning homework in when it is due. Many children are not turning in their black EDM folder and/or Wordsmith paper.

Scholastic Book Orders: October orders will be submitted on Sunday, October 16th.

Follow this link to order:

Class Code: MCVM2

Halloween Party Sign-Up:

Curriculum Update:

Wordsmith/CR Success: This week students continued learning about complex ends, complex fronts, adding a suffix to words, and the Bully Rule.

Science: Students continued learning about solids, liquids, and gases this week. We continue to work on our Matter packet, making observations, and doing science experiments too! Our Matter Assessment will be next week.

EDM: This week students learned several strategies for making combinations (adding) of ten, analyzed Quick Look Cards and came up with several strategies to combine numbers. In addition, students completed a few EDM Exit Slips (quick & informal assessments) too. We played The Number Grid Game, worked on Number Scrolls, Exchange Game ($1, $10, $100), Number Squeeze. Each Friday we have 2 parent volunteers that come in to play games with students (they are playing games that entail counting money).

Reading Workshop: This week students continued to implement reading strategies while reading their "just right" books. Students were assigned a "reading partner" that they are reading with throughout the week. Today we practiced reading with inflection and changing character voices. Ask your child about the characters in our "Mercy Watson" story.

Writing Workshop: This week students continued to add detail to their Personal Narratives. Ask your child what kind of real-life stories they have written in class. Many students read their writing pieces to the class.

Enjoy the weekend ~

Dawn Straight