What is going on?

September 11th, 2019

What is going on?

We have some really fun activities coming up in Science and really need your help in making these activities come to life. Please email me if you can donate. I will put your name next to the item you are bringing. I appreciate your donations! The kids love it too!

  • Cheeze its (Ishan)

  • Gold Fish (Ishan)

  • Pretzels (Horacio)

  • Ritz (Horacio)

  • Graham Crackers (Vedika)

  • Club Crackers (Natalia)

  • Saltine Crackers (Mrs Baker)

  • 1 bag of starbursts (Natalia)

    1 bag of jelly beans (Natalia)

  • 1 Bag of Chocolate Chips (Shrihan)

Alert Alert!

Please throw away the Sight Word list I handed out last week. The writing planning team just informed us, there are new words this year from the district. I have sent off the new list for you to print shop. It will be on pink paper. Please throw away the blue paper- so you won't get confused. I will place the new pink paper in your child's planner.


  • Sept. 9-27 PTA Stuff the Boots Fundraiser
  • Sept. 12 6:00 PM PTA Club Night
  • Sept 17th Lock down Drill 2:00
  • Sept. 20 7:40 Friday Assembly: K-2nd Grades Student Leader Recognition
  • Sept 26th Fire drill 10:00
  • Sept 27th Fall Pictures


* Fundraiser Dates - September 9th thru 27th - It already started!

* Thursday folder fliers - September 12th and 19th

* 5 time periods for class competitions - All periods close at Noon of the last day.

- Sept 9th-12th

- Sept 13th-16th

- Sept 17th-20th

- Sept 21st-24th

- Sept 25th-27th

* Please encourage people to double their donation thru their company matching program.

* Online donations versus donations with the donation form are encouraged. The link is www.sommerpta.my-pta.org

* Overall highest class each period, gets the large school trophy.

* Highest class per grade level per period, gets a small class trophy to keep.

* Top 2 classes will get to silly string their teacher and Mrs. Varljen.

* If the school goal of $30,000 is achieved, Kona Ice for everyone on October 4th.

* All classes with 100% participation will receive pajama day or bring an electronic device to school on the day of your choosing.

Have a good weekend!