Profitable Self Expression

for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Dera rising star entrepreneur,

I want to live in a world where...

Perfect-for-your-Program Prospects are enchanted and inspired to live their best lives ever…

... Where they are charmed right into saying YES to THEMSELVES and your program.

I want to live in a world where the turn of a phrase can propel your copy and content from ordinary into something extraordinary.

Where your spiritual creativity turns into profitable passions.

I’m tired of copy that leaves you drained.

Holistic Entrepreneurs getting discouraged and frustrated when they spend precious hours on creating programs and copy to have it fall flat and feeling that their business, spirituality and creativity are all separate.

Health Coach Gone Word Artisan who has years of training inspiring the masses to action at a turn of a phrase.

Want a word wizard on your side?

A word wizard in your pocket that will whisper sweet words that will teach you how to transform your writing into a magical experience so Perfect-for-Your-Program Prospects ease into buying bliss & you experience more meaning and purpose in creating copy and content.

Yep. Add that magic sparkle with me!

I slapped on a wizard hat & conjured up Word Wizard Sessions.

A Word Wizard in your pocket so that writing becomes an easy joyful creative expression of your soul instead of vampire on your time and energy.

This magic kit includes:

* 4 “Magic Sprinkle” e-mail sessions within 30 days. Use em’ any time, as long as that time happens to be within a month. All four in one week? Once per week? Whatever tickles your fancy.

Your Word Wizard in your pocket, to whisper sweet magic phrases to help your copy and content POP so that writing feels more like a love affair that has clients lining up to work with you and raking in oodles of gratitude and cash for it.

I anticipate the results for your readers will be…

“YES… YES… I want this… YES!!!!!” –Perfect-for-your-program prospect clicking yes!

* Pimp My Project Party Scripts Template: Exactly what to say to playfully request others to promote your project on facebook, twitter, link’ed in, or their newsletter list.

* Tantalizing Headline Templates that prompts your writing with interesting topics and get OPENED, and invested in.

Fast Action Bonus: I encourage this “I know what I want, I’ll take action NOW!” kind stuff so if you say yes, OH YES! Say yes by April 15th in full and I’ll hook you up with…

*A client-magnet banner that speaks a thousand words and tantalizes the senses, designed by yours truly that you can use on your sales page, facebook, and in your copy.

Perfect for:
Sales Page Sparkle
E-mail Launch Letter Luster
Captivating Website Copy
Manifesto Magnificence
Movie Script Marvel
Safe sounding board for the shy & sensitive
Hot Headline Masterminds
Prompting Playful Blog Topics

Other than for:

"Write this all for me, please" (Chat with me, I've got resources)

Right now, I would LOVE for you...

.. to saunter on over to my old pal, paypal here and showering your blessings of yeses on me. I’ll be basking in gratitude.

"I'm ready for more magic, profitable passion, and joy in my writing!"

>>> Hot & Ready Investment Option <<<
$297 in full plus a sweet client-magnet banner & leverage check list created by Kimberly

>>> Steady & Sassy Investment Option <<<
3 Payments of $99

>>> Holistic Entrepreneurs like you praising my power of prose <<<

Ashley Palmer: You are a TALENTED coach

Supreet Sandhu: You are a creative genius! Kimberly Pine, you just know how to make everything fun, don't you!?

Mandy Bednarez: I just had the gift of doing a session with Kimberly, all I can say is WOW. Girl, you have got a gift and I am so excited to be working with you!! If anyone is having trouble writing content, Kimberly, is your lady!! She is truly amazing, gifted, talented and offers such a safe, loving space to open yourself up to your creativity!! Thank you, love!!

Lisa Harris: Kimberly-I just have to tell you-Thunder is awesome! I don't know what kind of switch you helped me flip, but I'm so incredibly grateful. This Reboot program is definitely a challenge for me, but I'm feeling so much more free as I write since talking to you last week.

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I do confess, I'm alway grateful for praise. Know this - transformation is spontaneous & no one needs to go before you for you to be successful.

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Reflecting Your Brilliance,

>>>>> Kimberly <<<<<<


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