Little Coyote News

October 5-9, 2015

What is Going on in the Classroom...

Names, names, names is what we are doing in the classroom right now! Our book of the week was Chrysanthemum. It was about a mouse whose parents named her Chrysanthemum (the name of a flower). When Chrysanthemum goes to school, she is teased about her name that would "scarcely fit on a name tag". She doesn't really like her name but, grows to love it when her music teacher is named after a flower as well.

Since we read the book, Chrysanthemum, the class has been working on name puzzles. They are not only learning to recognize and familiarize their own names but, their classmates' names as well. We have been even been getting into partners and mixing their names together. In mixing the letters up, they are learning letters but, the sounds as that go with that letter. We have been asking the kids to say the letters of their names to get them to remember those letters. We have been playing and singing the "Name Plate Song", and we are starting to learn a another name game called, "I'm Walking...". They are loving the songs!

We will be reading, Quinto, Day and Night, next week.

Praises, Reminders and Dates to Remember


-Thank you to those you who remembered to stay in your car or reminder you child to wait to they got to the playground to be dismissed! Ms. Tiainen and I felt so much better knowing that your child got you safe and sound. Thank you! Please continue to encourage your child to get to the playground before they leave. Also, don't forget to tell myself or Ms. Tiainen good-bye before you and your child go. We love those smiles and waves!

-YIPPEE! You are all remembering to change out your child's clothes for the changing weather. We will keep the clothes inside their backpacks for those "just in case of an accident" occasions.


Please continue to stay in your car at dismissal, if you are waiting in the carpool line. I know that at PM dismissal, we are late coming out. We are working on getting out earlier so that the line can start moving. This will help get your child to you sooner. Thank you!

Please know that if for any reason you feel that you need to get into the school building, you will need to enter through the front office and get a visitor's badge. Although we know that going into the building through the door we dismiss from is easy, we can't let you in. The reason is for the safety of all children and staff. It is also a district policy. So please don't ask Ms. Tiainen or I to let you in. We will tell you to go around front and enter there. Thank you!

Dates to Remember

Oct. 14-Recognition of Food Services Day

Oct. 16-Fall Festival from 6-8 pm

Oct. 19-Picture retake day read below-

ONLY for the following reasons-Student is new to school or was absent on picture day,

anyone who purchased a picture package and returned the package (not a proof) or

eyes closed on first picture day

Oct. 19-Box Top contest starts

Oct. 21-School Bus Driver Recognition Day

Oct. 23-Early Release for Students

Thank you for reading our weekly online newsletter. We hope it answers some questions that you have. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Oh, yes...I will be sending an online conference signup site soon. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you didn't receive it.

Have a great rest of your weekend and Monday!

Mrs. Staten and Ms. Tiainen