Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

Happenings in Cohort 3

We had another great week with a lot to report.

  • In Science, we continued with our study of force and motion. Students were also introduced to the Greek alphabet and were given their first memorization task. If they memorized it by Friday they would earn $20 brain bucks. More than half of the class made this goal. Over the next few weeks students will be expected to master the basic information related to force and motion. Once mastery is achieved we will be applying those concepts through building rockets. Please send in any empty 2-liter bottles for this project.
  • In Language Arts, we continued our study of effective reading strategies. We focused on determining importance, and inferring & visualizing meaning. Students also completed the first unit in Vocabulary. Please help your child remember that Vocabulary Workshop will be assigned on Mondays and will be graded on Thursdays in class. It is also written in Edmodo, their online planner.
  • In Geography, Cohort 3 did a hands on activity with latitude and longitude and made their first attempt to show mastery with labeling all the territories of Australia. Three students earned their first stamp in their passports.
  • In Math, students continued working through the Apex curriculum and received one on one support from Mrs. Wilson or myself.
  • In Life Skills, everyone was introduced to their life skills workbook. We also discussed two more traits of a scholar. Scholars Ponder and Save Ideas. Ask your child to explain those traits to you. Students also learned how to fill out a real deposit slip and make their first deposit in the Bank of Ajmera.
  • In Technology, the kids continued their study in animation. They learned some of the principles behind animation: squash & stretch, exaggeration, time & space, arcs, slow in slow out and solid drawing.

Outdoor School and Other Important Notes

  • Students will be at Outdoor School until Wednesday. Please review the email I forwarded from Ms. Wilson last week it contains all the details about the trip. Email me and I can resend it to you. I am unable to attach documents to this newsletter.
  • I also want to thank everyone for their donations to ALS. Our class raised the most money and everyone, got do dump cups of ice cold water on Mr. Reiners. I got to dump the final bucket. I'm waiting for payback :)
  • When the students return on Thursday we will finish up our strategy study and will start our first novel study the following week. Students will also get another chance to pass the Australia test and the Greek alphabet. The students are starting to better understand the structure and expectations of Cohort 3.
  • Students must review Edmodo nightly to ensure that all required assignments are complete.
  • I have shared an interesting article on the benefits of memorization. Enjoy!

Have a great time this week kiddos!!!