The Tone

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

How the Book Felt to Me

At the beginning, I was skeptical about the book because I was not sure what to expect next. Things were changing rapidly like when Mentor started trading at the Trade Mart and how this event changed things and took the book to a different level. Things turned to an unfair tone when the Village people decided to vote on closing the Village's gates to new comers. This led to Leader sending Matty to all of the other Villages to deliver the news about the closing of the gates.

As the story progressed, the tone of the book turned to that of fright. Seer took advantage of the opportunity to send Matty to go retrieve his daughter, Kira, who lived in Seer's old village. As Matty set out to deliver the news to the other villages that the villages gates were going to close to new comers. Just as Matty started to head out, he found Jean at the footsteps of his house. They talked about their friend Ramon how was sick with a plague-like disease. Jean gave Matty a kiss at the end of the conversation just as Matty was going on his journey. That kiss gave Matty hope and excitement and made him look forward to his return.

While in the forest, Matty went through some hard times trying to get to where Kira was at. I felt worry about Matty and Kira's journey because it seemed they were going to have a hard time getting back.

Kira was able to use her gift to communicate with Leader. Leader informed her to instruct Matty to use his powers in an attempt to heal the Earth. Even after Matty felt weak, he decided he was going to use his gift and heal the Earth which he did. Matty in the end ended up dying because of his weakness. It was then when he got the name the Healer. Leader who set out to reach Matty and Kira in the Forest, found Matty's lifeless body on the ground. After all these events happened, the tone of the book turned to hope because I felt even when there were people who were being greedy and selfish, Matty gave hope to everyone by sacrificing himself in return of nothing.