Pride and Prejudice

By Mathew Summerville

Darcy and Elizabeth.

Mathew Summerville

Mrs. Dearman

Language arts 12


Darcy and Elizabeth

Darcy first meets Elizabeth at the ball he attends, but see her as not handsome enough for himself. Things start to heat up after Elizabeth goes to nurse her sick sister Jane. While Elizabeth is their she is frequently brought in to spend time with Darcy. This allows him to see her as a much better person and to develop feeling towards her. Later many complications arise that cause Elizabeth to develop a strong dislike towards Darcy. After becoming acquainted to Wickham and learning about Darcy completely ruining his life by denying him his inheritance causes her to believe Darcy is a bad person. Later hearing that Darcy caused Jane and Mr. Bingley to call it quits makes her strongly dislike Darcy. Later finding out the reasoning and the truth behind the story she realizes that she made a big mistake by rejecting Mr. Darcy's proposal. When she starts developing feelings towards him again Lady Catherine asks Elizabeth to promise that she will never marry Darcy. In the end Darcy and Elizabeth find eachother while out on a walk and Darcy proposes again to Elizabeth. By accepting his offer they end up being married and happy together. Seeing how times were during this time I believe that Darcy and Elizabeth would stay truthful to "Til death do us part" and end up starting a family together and living happily ever after on his lavish estate.

Bingleys proposal 2.0

Mathew Summerville

Mrs. Dearman

Language Arts 12


Mr. Bingleys proposal 2.0

Mr. Bingley: Yo, could I speak to Jane alone?

Mrs. Bennett: Sure bro, c'mon lets leave them alone.

Mr. Bingley: Yo girl! I know i've been a fool, but at least I didn't Chris Brown ya!

Jane: I suppose...

Mr. Bingley: If you marry me i'll give you this Bugatti.

Jane: sings to self "I woke up in a new Bugatti", I will marry you!

Mr. Bingley: hands Jane the keys to his Bugatti.

Jane: I would've married you even if you didn't offer me this.

Mr. Bingley: YOLO, why not?

"door bursts open with laughter and happiness"

Bennetts: Chanting "I woke up in a new Bugatti"!

The End.

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