Second Six Weeks

About the Book

Name of Book: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Number of pages: 496

Genre: Dystopia

Lexile: 700

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The character that changed the most was Beatrice. She changed from being an orderly abnegation to a willing dauntless in a matter of hours. This change was because at the choosing ceremony she wanted to get away from the rules that prohibited her from doing certain things to a dauntless who is more free with very little rules.

The character with the major impotence was Tobias. He had impotence because he was the one who trained Beatrice and helped her through Dauntless and earn a spot among the Dauntless.

The Ending

The ending was very effective. It was a cliff hanger so it makes you want to read the next book in the trilogy. I think that also the ending was on of the best cliff hangers that I have read because it leaves you at about the climax where all the happens and then the book just ends with you wanting more and more.

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