Bags, Bags, Bags!

Oh MY!

New Stylist??? Now is the time to jump on board!

I just received my new bags! I wasn't sure really what to expect. After all, we have just sold mostly jewelry and a few accessories, but these bags are bringing in a whole new market. Can I just tell you how SHOCKED I was when I opened them up?? Simply amazing! They are so well made and just gorgeous that I ended up ordering a few more just now to keep for myself!!!! I want to be able to share the ones I have with all of my trunk show hostesses and customers. (without all my mommy junk in the bags :) Best of all, the bags I was able to purchase were all FREE! Yup! A major perk of being a stylist!

I know the questions are bouncing around in your heard....should I try this?? Will anyone host?? Will I be good at this?? Believe me, I asked myself the same things over and over and over....but TODAY especially I am so happy that I decided to take the plunge and just go for it! Stella and Dot amazes me. Just when I think they can't get any better...they DO! I have done other little "jobs" in the past and after two years, I was always ready for something new...I was bored. I seriously can't even imagine being bored with this company....ever!

I hope you will consider joining me! What do you have to lose?? For $199, you'll get to chose $450 in amazing samples of your choice! Worst don't like it. Who cares!! Then you leave and guess what? You'll get to keep the gorgeous stylish accessories!!!

I am always here to answer any questions. :) I enjoy helping new stylists along with my team to succeed. I am here every step of the way. :)

xo, Stef

Prospective Stylist Call at 3pm today!

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Since I am so excited about these bags, but also want new stylists to focus on jewelry samples first :) I am gifting a "BRING IT" Jewelry Roll to any new stylist that joins my team by the 15th of April :)

Super cute travel case for your jewels! Bring your new samples around to all your friends and family to share your excitement about your new adventure!!!

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