Designing our Design LAB

2015-16: A Year of Learning, Making and Designing Together

Putting the Design and LAB in Design Lab

Welcome to the new school year! 2015-16 is the year we learn how to use Design as the vehicle to teach our students. This is also the year where we become an actual Lab. In labs around the world, people experiment, learn, try, fail, and explore new ideas and new opportunities. Isn't that what school ought to be about?

In our Design Lab, we are going to start with a real-world problem and end with an audience. Along the way, we'll make sure our problem, and our lessons are aligned to standards and that we use our individual student data to meet the varying learning needs of each of our students.

In the moonshot video, the narrator pointed out that when Kennedy said "We're going to the moon..." as a nation, we didn't yet know how to make it happen. We're at the same starting point at our school: We're going to become a Design LAB, and today marks our first steps, our first efforts towards making the words a reality. My only expectations are that we work together, support each other, question and push each other, fail together and succeed together. Today marks Day 1.

Design Lab Staff Juggling

Growing a Positive Staff Culture

The pictures above are our staff photos, and the video is of our staff playing the juggling game. Please check it out. Then watch The Name Game Video below. In it, you support each other, cheer for each other and laugh together. How can we maintain these important Habits throughout the 2015-16 school year? What should we have in place regularly to value and maintain these Habits in our own practices? When we support each other, cheer for each other, and laugh together, our students learn more and we enjoy our school more. Let's make improving our school culture a purposeful effort on all our parts this year.
Staff Name Game 2015-16

News and Notes: 8-17-8-21

Monday 8/17-9th Grade Only

Tuesday 8/18-9th and 12th Grades Only

Wednesday 8/19-10th and 11th Grades Only

Thursday 8/20-All Students

Friday 8/21-All Students

Monday-Personal Planning Time

Tuesday-APT Team Meets

Please look for the Faculty Handbook, The Design Lab Playbook, and other important documents in your email this week.

Monday-Eric will be out of the building from 9:30-10:30 testifying at a trial

Tuesday-The CEO and Director of PR from Magnet: The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network will visit our school (2:00-3:00) to discuss how we might partner.

NWEA Testing will begin as soon as the window opens.

The Testing Coordinator Position is Posted

Don't forget to wish Mr. Ezepue a Happy Birthday, he celebrated on Saturday.

Thank You's:

A huge thank you to:

Desiree Stroder for all her painting. The main areas of the school look wonderful thanks to you

Rosemary White and Ken Beavers for planning and executing the Welcome Back Celebration

Rob Senor, Jessica Yox, and Jeremy Gill for stepping up and picking up the food for the Welcome Back Event

Thanks to Sean Wheeler and Garvin Yeung for putting together the new shelving in the Makerspace

Ken Beavers again for suggesting we take our first staff photos

Thanks to all of you for stepping up and actively supporting our Design Lab Culture!