Home Front Hardships

Activity 15-3

Texas Confederates Take Charge

A. Francis R. Lubbock defeated Edward Clark, but didn't seek reelection.

B. Pendleton Murrah served as governor until the close of the war.

War Brings Change

A. War Changes Women's Roles
  1. Because the men left to serve in the army, many woman worked on farms.
  2. Women also helped the war effort by serving as nurses.
  • Rosanna Osterman set up a hospital in Galveston.
  • Mary Sweeny was given medical supplies by a Union commander.

B. War Changes the Economy
  1. The government encouraged farmers to plant more corn and wheat.
  2. Cotton production declined in all the Southern states.
  3. Factories began making items needed for the war effort.

Shortages Make Life Difficult

A. Clothing was made of homespun because of the Union blockade.

B. Texans experimented with native plants instead of imported teas.

C. Medicines and hospital supplies often were difficult to obtain because they were needed on the battledields

The Civil War Ends

A. At Appomattox Courthouse, Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia.

B. Palmito Ranch was the final land battle of the war.

C. More than 600,000 died in the war.

D. John Wilkes Booth believed he was helping the Confederate cause by assassinating Abraham Lincoln.

E. President Andrew Johnson appointed Andrew Jackson Hamilton as provisional governor of Texas after the war.