Modern Chandeliers

With so many brands of fixtures and lamps on store shelves

Two Top Manufacturers Among Lamp and Fixture Buyers Today

When it comes to home lighting today, buyers have more options to choose from than ever before. Dozens of highly regarded manufacturers design and produce a huge number of beautiful, functional fixtures and lamps. Lighting is so central to every home that understanding the possibilities will always pay off. A look at a couple of the most successful and esteemed manufacturers of lighting products at the moment could make an upcoming design project easier.

Manufacturers Who Stand at the Top of a Competitive, Thriving Industry

With so many brands of fixtures and lamps on store shelves and listed online, many buyers feel a bit overwhelmed. While there are many manufacturers that have plenty to offer, a few names rise to the top consistently. Some of the manufacturers that most often deliver the kinds of lamps and lights that buyers seek today include:

Progress. As a company committed to delivering value with every purchase, Progress is a favorite among budget-minded buyers. At the same time, each and every one of its lamps and fixtures qualifies as a true luxury-level product. The company's many "Design Series" fixtures are perennial favorites among fans of modern lighting, with special handcrafted touches helping to set them apart from mass-produced competitors. Conceived in collaboration with two of America's top designers, the Progress Turnbury collection is another line that has received a great deal of deserved attention in recent years. With so much to offer many types of buyers, Progress is a consistently popular choice for many good reasons.

Feiss. Some designers and manufacturers have a flair for simple, functional fixtures, but Feiss excels when it comes to fashion and style. A number of outdoor chandeliers produced by Feiss have appeared in some of the most prominent redesign projects of recent years, with the company's vanity lights often striking the target as well. Most recently, Feiss has introduced a group of new collections that boast flashy finishes while still maintaining a stately, elegant presence. From the Hilo and Hewitt collections to the new Zola line, Feiss has a way of turning heads with every product introduction.

The Perfect Fixture or Lamp for Any Home or Room

With products from manufacturers like these being so conveniently accessible online and in stores, homeowners always have many appealing options to weigh. Although there are many manufacturers today who are dedicated to turning out high-quality lamps and fixtures, a few of them consistently receive the most praise and attention.