The Mongols

By: Shanda Miller

Ganghis Kahn and family...

Gangis Kahn was the emperor, or one of the largest empires. He came into power, by uniting many nomadic tribes. He was a tengrist, which is a religion. His children are shown in the picture below.
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Decline of the Mongol Dynasty

As the Dynasty continued to grow, it got way to big, so it split up into 4 different areas, and those 4 continued to grow as well. After that some of those areas closed down, because the emperor was driven out of the town, and back to Mongolia. The other two areas, declined because of society inside falling apart, not because of outside threats like the other two.
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Religion and Government

At the time of Genghis Khan in the 13th century, virtually every religion had found converts, from Buddhism to Christianity and Manichaeanism to Islam. However in this area, the government were okay with basically every religion, they didn't really have any rules that applied to religion.

The Golden Age

Poetry,Painting, and Ceramics were important in the golden age because they were all very pretty and creative, so they were beautiful things that could be created, in one of the best times in the world.
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A day in the Army

They had to take care of all of their animals and there were alot of them, they also were almost constantly on the move with all of them, there were kids, women, and men, all traveling together. They had supplies they had to move with them, as well. They were one of the largest emperors in history as well.
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