Who Is Alan Turing??

What did he do?

Alan Turing was born on 23rd June 1912 in London. Turing studied Mathematics at Cambridge University. Here he realised that he could create a machine that could be programmed to break codes by using different symbols. During WWII Turing helped decoding bombs and breaking codes such as Morse codes, which was very useful, because it enabled him to find out important information that they could use against the Germans. After the war, Turning extended his thoughts into the development of the machine so that it could logically process information.


He was born in 1912 and committed suicide in 1954, because he was charged with homosexuality, meaning that he could no longer work for GCHQ, because he could no longer develop his idea, he committed suicide. He grew up in India and stayed there until his father retired in 1962.
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