News from the Nest

Week of 12/7-12/10

Genius Hour Update

Students have been hard at work researching for their genius hour project. The research has allowed them to gain background knowledge on their topic. They will now be deciding what action they will take based on that research. Students will work on their Genius Hour project though the end of the second quarter. A day of sharing with other classes in the building will take place at the end of the quarter.


Next week we will continue our fiction unit. Students will learn more about different types of figurative language authors use such as personification, metaphor, and simile. They will identify examples in stories and explain what the author really means each time figurative language is used. We will also practice identifying the theme, or lesson learned, in stories.


This week students wrote their second fairy tale adaptation. Next week, students will begin their final piece in this unit which is writing an original fairy tale. Students will apply what they've learned about the elements of a fairy tale to write their story. Students will type and publish this piece to be able to share with others!


This week students learned the associative property of multiplication and what division is. Below are pictures of an activity we did to introduce division. Students moved through stations that required them to solve division equations by physically breaking up a set of objects into equal groups.

Since this is a longer unit, the post assessment is divided into 2 parts. On Monday students will take part A of the post assessment, which covers multiplication and division. The rest of the week will be spent on finding the area of rectangles. Students will use tiling of square units to calculate area and solve real world area problems using tiling.

Please continue to encourage your child to practice their math facts at home. Learning their multiplication facts will help them as we continue to use our facts to find area and to solve division problems.


  • Reading Log due on Monday, 12/7
  • There is no school for students on Friday, 12/11

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