Coffee Shop

Coffee Before a Work Out Makes You Burn More Calories

Scientists have been studying drinking coffee before a workout for 10 years. They have recently found results to this thought. After having many participants they concluded that drinking coffee before a work out really does help you loose calories faster. Their studies show that coffee reacts a certain way with your muscles and also give you more energy to workout harder, and longer. People are no longer dreading to work out but actually excited. The want for coffee now is sky rocketing.

Coffee Vs. Muffins

Do these together make you have a better day?

Researchers have been studying the effect of having muffins with your cup of coffee each day and the result it has on your attitude throughout the day. After studying it for about 4 years the results were shocking. You would think that all of the carbs, calories, and what not in the muffin would drag you down, but indeed they do the opposite. The researchers have found that eating a muffin with your coffee makes you have a better attitude and more energy throughout the day. It is much recommended to eat this combination every morning for a better day!

Tea Gives You More Energy?


People around the world have been looking for a better way to have more energy. Some ways people do it are by jumping in circles, eating a piece of chocolate, eating lots of berries, or wearing bright colors, but the main things being tested to have more energy are coffee and hot tea. After many experiments, many people found that tea give you more energy for the day. It doesn't just last a couple hours but it lasts all day. I, and a large group of other participants would recommend that coffee be ruled over by tea in the essence of wanting to have more energy.

Homemade Coffee or Starbucks?

At 24 Hour Fitness they recently upped the prices of having a membership but nobody is willing to give up their gym membership for a couple more dollars a month. So 24 Hour Fitness CEO is not worried about losing customers. Aside from that less of a problem, they're conflicting on just keeping their homemade coffee station in the break room or getting an actual Starbucks shop in the gym. After contemplating whether or not to bring in the Starbucks shop or not, they finally decided to just do it. Therefore, having this income bump, they are able to have more nice things for their workers, also giving them more wages.

Dun Brothers Coffee Shop

Less Costumers?

The past couple months Dun Brothers Coffee Shop has been going through a really rough time money wise. Customers have not been drinking coffee as much for some reason and they are receiving much less business. Employers are having to fire a couple of employees and also bringing down their wages. Employees are very upset about this but love their job so they're going to stay if able.

City Of Friendswood Growing

The city of Friendswood has grown over 60,000 people in the last 10 years. Neighborhoods are concerned about housing problems with not being able to hold all the people. High schools are concerned about having to build a larger school to hold all the students. Aside from all these things... the coffee shops in town are so excited! So many more teenage girls are obsessing over the top notch coffee shops in town. The coffee shop owners are excited about all the new business.

Dun Brothers Prices Dropping Next Week?!

For the past couple months the owners and CEO of Dun Brothers have been contemplating dropping the prices. After discussing for a while, they decided to do so. Next week Dun Brothers' coffee is going to be half off for month or so. They are hoping this will bring in more customers and income even though prices are going to drop.