Neil Dhillon Policy Report

Public Affairs - 2014

Congress Aims to Block Marketing of E-Cigarettes to Children

Some positive developments to regulate E-cigarette products and ban marketing to children is making serious traction on Capitol Hill from two powerful lawmakers, Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois and Rep. Henry Waxman of California. Today, they both released findings of a report they commissioned that a number of e-cig brand manufacturers are marketing to children. This will soon stop!

As we know, E-cigarettes are candy-flavored and can be an addiction which is dangerous to children. I know many believe that government should never dictate what people should or should not consume but this effort is important as it aims to educate children at a very young age on the dangers of tobacco products.

The ultimate decision will come from the FDA and they will hopefully prohibit the sale of E-cigarettes to any person under the age of 18, ban youth-oriented E-cigarette marketing and the distribution of free E-cigarette samples. The Tobacco Control Act gives clear authority to the FDA to regulate E-cigarettes and other tobacco products. Let's hope this happens before Summer begins!