DuPont Elementary Third Grade

Weekly News


Students' Zoo Animal Project will be due on Friday, December 12th. The final presentations will be on Monday and Tuesday, December 15th and 16th.

What We're Learning...

Skills we will cover this week:

Reading: Aero and Officer Mike

Comprehension Skill: Author's Purpose

Target Strategy: Summarizing

Grammar: Pronoun-Verb Agreement

Writing: Informative Writing

Phonics: Words with -ar, -or, and -ore

Math: Measurement, Fractions

Social Studies: Map Skills, North America, Landforms

Science: Sky Watchers

December 1-5 Word Study

These are the Word Study words for this week. We will have a quiz on Friday!

horse, mark, storm, market, acorn, artist, March, north, barking, stork, thorn, forest, chore, restore
Review: dark, story
Challenge: partner, fortune

December 1-5 Vocabulary Words

These are the vocabulary words and the definitions for this week. We will also have a quiz on these words on Friday!

  • lying– in a flat position
  • loyal- someone who stands by you in good times and in bad
  • partners- people who work closely together
  • shift- a set amount of time in which people work
  • quiver- shake with little movements because of cold, fear, anger, or excitement
  • patrol- to watch over and guard an area
  • ability- you are able to do something
  • snap- to open and close quickly

Math Facts

This week, we will be reviewing the multiplication facts we've learned so far. On Friday during math, we will have a one minute timed test to see how many facts students can answer.