Computer Hardware.


Hard Drives

There are two types of hard drives. HDD which stands for Hard Drive Disk and SSD stands for Solid State Drives. These are the types of hard drives. A HDD is a magnetic disk which spins inside your computer/laptop, making quite a strong sound. An SSD drive is a flash drive which hardly makes any sound at all, takes less space& also lasts longer. The SSD drive doesnt need a fan because it uses electronic parts instead of using a fan to keep the heat out of a laptop/computer.

Optical drives.

ODD (Optical Disk Drives) is a disks drive that uses lasers to read a CD/DVD or Blue Ray. For a CD or a DVD, an optical drive uses red lasers. However for a Blue Ray Drive/DVD, it will use a blue laser.

Input Devices.

Input Devices are things such as your keyboard, your mouse and your microphone which input data into your computer or laptop.

Output Devices.

Output devices are things such as objects that let out sound, data or anything like that. Examples are: speakers, projectors, screens etc.. All of these things are output objects because they give something out from the computer.