Tech Tidbits

Spring 2015

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Discovery Education is All New

Discovery Education has a myriad of new features that make it an even better tool for classroom use! All students can now access Discovery Ed using their Google e-mails and passwords provided by the district. (Remember: the old URL no longer works - you must access it through

Did You Know...

-you can assign videos for students to view? What a great way to differentiate!! Your class lists are already uploaded by the district making this even easier!

-students can create boards similar to a Pinterest Board? They can upload materials (videos, pictures, etc) from Discovery Ed OR from outside of Discovery Ed.

-you can create tests within Discovery Ed? Students can get feedback after the test based on the questions they get wrong. What a great way to prepare for a test!

-you can create writing prompts within Discovery Ed?

-students can access Discovery Ed from home as well as from school?

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DK books has a wonderful new search tool that is available for free!! If you love the DK books you may want to check out this search tool. Students can find information on a variety of topics. It is colorful and easy to use.
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Many of us use Padlet as an interactive site where students can easily work together. Stoodle takes Padlet one step further and has the ability to upload images and use drawing tools. It was listed as one of the 2014 American Association of School Librarians Best Websites for Teaching and Learning. You can view their comments below.

"Looking for a real time collaborative white board with unlimited pages? Then Stoodle is the site for you! Communicate with other teachers and librarians via video conferencing and text chat, use Stoodle Boards for brain storming and come back to the boards later to peruse your ideas. Create boards in class with students and keep them to show other classes or build on throughout the day. Upload images, work with others, build study guides, provide feedback and more. Grades K-12."