Thursday, February 6, 2015

Email for Young Children

Maily is a free, safe and fun iPad app that lets young kids send emails to parents and selected family members. Parents must create accounts and add contacts for their children. Children will only be able to exchange emails with these approved people.
To send an email children click the send button and the select the photo of their chosen recipient.


Online Graphing Calculators

Along with all of the graphing functions, Desmos allows you to share your equations and graphs. Desmos graphs your equations as you type them and redraws them as you alter your equations.

Link: allows you to plot multiple functions through its dynamically re-sizing grid. To graph an equation, just click the "+" symbol. Remember to remove the default equation before you start.


Simulations for HS Classes

Kelly Walsh, on Emergingtech suggested and commented on the following simulations for high school classes:

  • Economics: This site,, offers free online classroom games for teaching economics.
  • Marketing: Have you ever wished you could give your Marketing students the chance to practice different e-marketing skills and techniques? Check out Simbound.
  • Medical: Simulations have been a significant teaching and learning tool in the medical field for many years. Harvard Medical School has even created a web sitefocused on their use of Simulations.
  • Business: Business Simulation Games are a great way to bring active, applied learning into Business courses.

Reading Passages

Readworks has hundreds of lesson plans and more than 2000 reading non-fiction and fiction passages. With a free ReadWorks account you can search for lessons and reading passages by grade level, lexile score, Common Core, reading skill, subject area, and text type (fiction or non-fiction).


Mickey's Magical Math (PreK-K)

Mickey's Magical Math World is a wonderful free iPad app for teaching basic Math concepts to young learners (PreK-KDG). The game is divided up into 5 different worlds that focus on different Math concepts, such as: shapes, counting, addition/subtraction, and more. The games main theme centers around using these concepts to help Mickey build a rocket ship.