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Welcome to the our sixth online newsletter. Published by the Principal, Mr Smith.

Our sixth online newsletter contains news about our playground upgrade phase 1, some celebrations just to name a few things, information about becoming a volunteer in the school and how to go about getting a working with children check....... For regular updates please check out our Skoolbag App. Twitter and and the school website.


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Anzac Day Dawn Service with the Captains

Mr Casey and the school captains represented the school at the Dawn Service on Anzac Day at the cenotaph at Fairfield. The captains laid a wreath in memory of all who passed away in the service of keeping Australia a country free and peaceful and safe.


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Anzac Day Ceremony

We commemorated Anzac Day as a school on Thursday afternoon at a special assembly. We thank all those who provided special flowers for the event.


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Annual School Report

Our annual school report for 2015 is now published and available on our school website. If you wish to have a copy you can download it here.


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Celebrating 5 Years at Fairfield Public School

Last Wednesday I reached the 5 year mark as Principal of Fairfield Public School. During the holidays I spent some quiet time reflecting on the changes that have occurred due to third work, dedication and support of the staff, student and the community. We have so much to be proud of as we learn together. We still have a lot of things that we want to improve and that's a good thing. After 5 years I thought I would just say thank you for your support and I look forward to our journey together throughout the rest of the year.


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Chess Team

Our chess team is starting again. If you are interested please see Miss Thompson or Mr Hill. Limited places are available for the competition.


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Coffee Club with the P&C

Come along & share your thoughts, worries, suggestions with your P&C friends

Coffee stall will be running on the following dates:

Monday’s at 9am





Tuesday’s at 2pm

10.05.2016 (includes P&C meeting)



14.06.2016 (includes P&C Meeting)


Find our coffee stall near the office building (close to middle gate entry)

Everybody is welcome !!!


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Cross Country Carnival

Students in grades 3-6 participated in the school cross country on Thursday 5 May after lunch until 2.30pm. It is expected that all students will participate as this is part of the PD.H.PE syllabus, plus its just good fun.


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Debate Team

The debating team had their first debate on Wednesday 4th May. The topic was That all schools should be BYOD. We were the negative team which meant that we had to argue that schools should not be BYOD. Even though our team loves technology, we had to think of the topic from both sides and come up with a convincing argument. Both teams debated very well but Fairfield won! It was a close match- the team won by one point! Congratulations to the whole team.

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Emergency Drills

We will be having emergency drills in the near future. If you hear your children talking about emergencies at school, this is what they are talking about. Evacuation: There are two sites, Site A is in front of the office on the grass and Site B is the oval. Lockdown is the other message you could hear. If you hear these messages whilst you are at school, you need to follow the instructions of the staff.


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Excursion Update

We are currently working on information to be released to parents that gives an approximate cost and dates on upcoming excursions for the remainder of the year. We hope this will help parents be more informed about these very valuable events. Click the link to see the excursions, please be aware these are draft dates and can be changed. Keep the link to stay up to date. http://bit.ly/24we2gr

The school subsidises most excursions to keep the cost as low as possible.


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Our first ever book created for iPads is now available for free on the iBook store. If you were a student in 2013 in Stage 2 or 3 you might have worked on this book with Miss Nguyen. Click here to download the file, be aware this is only available on iPads or later model iPhones and iPod touches.

We are working on our number book next. Keep an eye out for out soon.


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Mothers Day Stall

The P&C is running a mothers day stall on Thursday 5 May. primary students will look at goods in the morning and infants after lunch. Prices vary from $2-$10 per item.
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Parents PBL Survey continues.

Parents can have their say. Don't answer if your a student you will do this in class. We are opening this survey up to parents to see what parents would like to see our school maintain and what areas you hope the school can improve. You only have 40 characters to answer the question, one word ideas are best or short phrases. Click here to answer the survey.


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Playground Upgrade

We are so excited to announce the completion of phase one of our playground upgrade. The games look wonderful, and the students are very keen to learn how to play the games.

We remind everyone that chewing gum is not permitted at school. During the holidays we paid over $3000 to get rid of the gum and to clean the cement so the games could be laid near the canteen.

Help keep our playground clean and talk to your children about their responsibility of putting rubbish in the bins provided.

Students will be taught how to use the games during the coming weeks.


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P&C Facebook Page

If you use Facebook to communicate, our P&C has a Facebook page. If you are interested in seeing what the P&C is up to and how they support the school then click on the link below or search for Fairfield Public School P&C on Facebook.


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Practicum Teachers

During this term we have a number of trainee teachers doing their practicum. We hope you make them feel welcome to the school.

Macquarie University

Mrs Barr with Mrs Miedler

Miss Omran & Miss Lee with Mr Custodio

Charles Sturt University

Miss Morey with Miss Clarke

University of Technology

Miss Ong with Miss Hoque

Miss Yin with Miss Darmic

Miss Saengphachanh with Miss Holstein

Miss Lam with Mrs Phillips


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School Song

Our school song is sung at our assemblies. It is a song about being part of a community. We ask everyone to join in, of you don't know the words they are listed below. The music to our song is in the Soundcloud file below.

Lift up your voice to sing with pride

Children of many lands abide

Learning together day by day

Strive to excel in every way.

Come Fairfield friends and share with us

In school we learn, we care, we trust.

Building a land in harmony

To visions of a land in peace.


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FPS School Song

School Pledge


The school pledge is said as a way of reminding ourselves that we have one life to live and we want our lives to positive in every way both for ourselves and those around us.

I shall pass through this world but once,

Therefore, any good thing that I can do,

Or kindness I can show,

Let me do it now, let me not defer it or neglect it,

For I shall not pass this way again.


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Social Media Guidelines

Social media is very useful for catching up with friends and family, and increasingly it is being used for educational and commercial purposes. Where social media goes wrong is when it used in the wrong way. Students are at risk when they are using social media apps unsupervised. The graphic below shows the ages that students need to be use apps. Please assist the school in monitoring what apps your children have access to and how they use them. If you have any issues or concerns please contact your child's teacher.
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Youtube Channel

We are busily collecting samples to post on the school's Youtube channel. Our Youtube channel is a great way to see what the school is doing, especially in the area of technology. To do this we need Parent Permission to publish work.

If you have said No to this in the past and wish to change your mind, please fill in the attached form and send it back to school with your signature.



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General Permission to Public

To change your mind about giving permission to publish please fill in the attached form and return it to the school as soon as possible.

Volunteering in the school

Parents who wish to be volunteers in the school need to have a valid Working With Children number. Follow the link to apply for a Working with Children Check.


When you get to the question Purpose of Check you need to click on Volunteer.

Then under that Child Related Sector click on Parent Volunteer – Mentoring.

If you need any assistance please ask to speak to Mrs Fares who has helped parents with this process.

We hope that lots of parents are able to take up this opportunity and help out when they can.


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