3rd Grade Newsletter

April 11th - 15th


1. We have had an amazing week raising awareness and money for 3rd grade's service learning project!! The school has raised over $1,000 to donate to Keep Trophy Club Wild!! We are SO proud of how hard our students have worked! We still have one more day of fundraising, this Monday, which will be the last day for donations.

Monday April 11th- Monarch Butterfly Migration (wear orange or black)

2. We hope you'll come to Byron Nelson High School this Friday (April 15th) for Beck Elementary's performance of Aladdin: The Musical at 7pm!

We are looking forward to another great week at Beck!

The Third Grade Team

Learning Targets

A Learning Target is the desired goal of each task in which your child will actively be involved. In addition, it engages your child in reflective evaluation of their own performance.

Readers Workshop:

We will explore strategies to determine the big ideas of a non-fiction text so that I can form a main idea of the entire text. I'll know I have it when I can use text clues to distinguish between the details and the main ideas of the text.

Writer's Workshop:

We will explore the characteristics of persuasive writing so that we will understand how to convince readers of our opinions. I'll know I have it when I can revise and edit my draft to create a professional final copy.

Social Studies:

We explore how advances in communication have changed our nation so that I can see how technology impacts communities. I'll know I have it when I can compare how people communicated in the past to today's methods of communication/

Math Workshop:

We will use coins and bills so that we can practice accurately counting money. I'll know I have it when I can correctly determine the value of a collection of coins and bills.


We will analyze life cycles of different organisms so that I can compare the life cycles. I know I have it when I can compare 2 different life cycles of organisms.

Upcoming Events

April 15th- Beck Musical "Aladdin" at BNHS, 7:00pm
April 18th- Online Enrollment opens for both new and returning students (see Beck website for more information)
April 19th- Music Fundraiser (Skate Town 4-6pm) and Cane's Chicken Spirit Night 5-9pm (located near Skate Town)
April 22nd- Student Holiday/Staff Development (Bad weather make-up day).
April 27th- 3rd Grade 5th six weeks awards assembly, 9:45
April 29th- Northwest Reads, Author Visit, and Spring Family Night

Save the date:


Birdies for Beck Golf Tournament - May 2

Chik Fil A Spirit Night - May 3 from 5-8pm

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2-6

Beck Talent Show at BNHS Friday, May 6th @ 6:30PM

Muffins with Moms - May 6

Talent Show - May 6

3rd Grade Math STAAR assessment - May 9th

3rd Grade Reading STAAR assessment- May 10th

Field Day - May 20

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested at volunteering at Beck? Please take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Background Check found HERE.

*Please note that all chaperones for field trips must have a completed volunteer background check on file.

Teacher Contact Information

Brytnei Rocha: brocha@nisdtx.org
Kelley Schemmel: kschemmel@nisdtx.org
Emily Stovall: estovall@nisdtx.org
Tracey Kiplinger: tkiplinger@nisdtx.org
Becca Hubbs: rhubbs@nisdtx.org
Maggie Bell: margaret.bell@nisdtx.org

Transportation Changes

To ensure your child's transportation changes are met each day, please contact the front office or email Beckelem@nisdtx.org and CC your child's teacher with the changes. It would be best to notify us as early in the day as possible.


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