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Hello May and Summer Collection!

Hello Passionistas,

Happy May! May is going to be an AMAZING month! Our summer collection launches next week and a new collection means big pop-ups. Plan to have an exclusive first look pop-up. Guests LOVE to feel special and like they are getting the inside scoop.

Who wants to win pieces from the NEW summer collection?!?!?! Post a screenshot of your SUMMER LOOK BOOK ORDER and you will receive an entry to win one of two prizes. Purchases must be made and screenshots shared by the end of the day, Friday, May 6th.

Reasons to purchase TODAY:

  • On average for every 5 packs of Look Books merchies purchase, they see a return of $300 in sales.
  • Take pre-orders in person and place them next Tues. as soon as the collection launches.
  • Generate HUGE excitement by posting a selfie of you and the new Look Book before the launch!
  • Be the first to have new pieces. Prep your order and order at 10pm est Tues.
  • Host a launch day/week party
  • Look Book parties
  • Use the new launch to book May hostesses
  • Mail LB's to VIP's

How it works: Two winners will be selected on Saturday, May 7th. Each winner will get to PICK which piece from the summer collection they want to receive as a prize( valued up to $35) Post your #lookbookdown screenshots on our team page!

Let's make this month aMAzing!



A little about me

My name is Laura and I have been with C + I for 2.5 years. I had a rough fast start but with the help of my MM and our very supportive community I turned my business around. I believe in celebrating the #smallwins and being passionate about everything that you do. I am here to help you reach your goals whatever they may be. I am honored and excited to be your MM!

PS... Isn't my pup adorable?!