Green Energy

The solution to less pollution

By Bella G., Trigg M., Peter Q., Brianna T., and Abdul S.

The Issue

Pollution is one of the many problems we struggle within the world today. Whether it be from a shortage of green technology or just pure laziness, the effects are clear. In 2015, the United States consumed a total of 7.08 billion barrels of Petroleum products. This effects how people live. In China asthma rates have gone up as much as 40 percent in 5 years, hospitalizing children and spreading to families. Our goal to ending pollution is using more green technology. Denmark has been reducing pollution and by doing so this type of technology and energy has made there economy grow by 78 percent since 1980. By using green energy it has created 6,000- 8,000 more jobs in their country each year. That sounds good doesn't it? Wouldn't you want want a counrty more like that? Well, somethings you could do is drive less, recycle more, and maybe even invest ine some solar panels. Pollution is one of the many problems we struggle with today. Green energy; the solution is less pollution.

What We Learned


"Pollution kills more than 3.3 million people per year."


"Many people are aware of the issues facing the world but don't lend a hand to help."


"Mayor Betsy Price wants 20% of roads in Fort Worth to have bike lanes."


"Most politicians are supported by the oil industry which won't allow for swift change."


"The production of solar panels is often harmful for the environment."

Take Action

Ways you can take action include using EV or Eco mode on your vehicle, recycling, driving a hydrogen power car, getting solar panels, and using a wind mill. The government can help by building nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants. Other ways you can take action is include bicycling, reusing water bottles, and creating a compost bin.

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