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History of Morocco

Discovered about 400,000 years ago.Population is 32,987,207 people. Life expectancy rate is 70+ years. Important resources are iron ore,oil,lead,fish,salt.Traditions is bathing in a hamman.

What's happening in Morocco

Aquifer in Morocco

In Morocco, for the past threety years or so, groundwater has increasingly been used for farming and growing crops. As a result, the agricultural sector has grown considerably. However, in some regions, that development has led to over-use of aquifers.

Silt in Morocco

Silt levels are high in Morocco. Silt is a mix of sand and clay to form rich soil. Silt is usually found in lake and under sand and clay.

main crops in egypt

Egypt has many crops. Sugar cane, grains, cotton, etc. having these crops help them with clothing and more.

Libya uses oil money for...

Libya has lots of oil and uses the money to help there country.They import food so they can feed the people here. also uses the money to maintain a good and strong military.Helping making schools and hospitals for the injured and education.


Climates varies throughout the country. Most of the people who live here are farmers.Turkey is seeking to join the European union.