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Week of September 28

Cline's Corner

Juanita suggested I read a book by Eric Jensen titled “Teaching With Poverty In Mind: What being Poor Does to Kid’s Brains and What Schools Can Do About It.” I’ll be honest, I ordered it immediately and it has been sitting on by bedside table for the past year. I’ve looked at it a thousand times, picked it up to dust under it, actually dusted it off a few times, but am just now beginning to dig into the book. I’m so glad I have and so disappointed in myself for not reading it before now. I’m not that far in (reading it when time allows, usually while waiting on a kiddo to get out of some sort of practice), but it is already changing my thinking. As I start to read about stress on students from poor families, I realize that recognizing barriers such as the stress poverty puts on children is not enough. We must understand and change our practices to support our students struggling with the effects of stress on their formative brains. Frequent repetition can be a way we offer content to students more often and during times of the day they may not be expecting it. For example, you may be teaching place value during your math block, but can you offer quick references to it for that child (or children) periodically throughout the day like, when they come in the classroom from any transition during the day (first thing in the morning, after restroom breaks, coming in from recess), or when a the student finishes a different activity. Quick, frequent repetition may offer a solution to “brain dumping” content due to stress on the brain.

I appreciate all you do and all the brain power you put into meeting the needs of all our students. Please do not think it goes unnoticed. I am so proud to be a part of the Wright family

Strategies and Resources for Supporting English Language Learners

This short blog speaks to our need to support our EL students in vocabulary acquisition. It has several links to helpful websites and resources that will help you in planning for and providing that instruction.



Watch this 2 minute video and watch how this first grade teacher uses everyday experiences to engage young children in real world math.

What's Coming Up This Week At Wright...

Admin Calendar


Kat: Thursday, 10/1 - out all day for training



Donna: Monday, 9/28- out all day

Friday, 10/2- IC meeting PM

Dates to Remember

Fit Club for 4th and 5th grade- Monday 9/28 and Thursday 10/1 (2:30-4:00)

Born Learning Parent Academy-Monday, 9/28 (5:30-7:00)

Flu Shots- Tuesday, 9/29 (7:00-8:00AM)

Faculty Meeting - Tuesday 9/29 (2:45-4:00)

Artist in Residency in art class- Tuesday 9/29, Wednesday 9/30, Thursday 10/1 (8:00-9:00)

Teaching Children Positive Social Skills-Thursday 10/1, (6:30-7:30 PM)

KPREP Data Retreat, No School for students - Monday 10/5

I-Team Meetings during planning- Friday 10/9

Faculty Meeting - Tuesday 10/6 (2:45-4:00) -Ryan New teaching on soon to be adopted Social Studies Standards

bby Math- Wednesday 10/7- Charlene Ruble working with k-5 math