by: Val Karlsson

by: Amber Ambrosius


The setting is in the fall at Luke's house. The characters are Luke, Sal, Ashia, Lincoln, and Luke's mom. The main conflict is Say says that Luke's mom dies in a car crash but there where only 5 bones the the car?

Rising Action

In the book Lincoln through a party at his house. Then Lincoln's girlfriend died at the end of the party. That was a sign for Luke.


In the book THE protectors,the climax of the story occurs when Luke's mom dies in a car crash but there is no body found just some bones. Luke get hints form his moms protectors about where his mom is. Luke finds holes in the walls and get scared.


Don't believe if you don't see or hear

I found the theme in the climax when he found his mom in there basement chained to the wall.


"Sal," I began hesitantly,"if you need help with the business-"

"I'll take care of it!" he snapped,"I'M taking care of it"

this shows how mean Sal was as a dad.