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August Newsletter - Celebrating July & Planning for Fall

A message from me...Time for a "Do Over" & Starting Fresh Together

Hey y'all! By now you all should have your hands on our Fall 2016 catalog. So much red! So much plaid! Such cute owls! And that Hobo purse...oh my. My message is, work it! We have great tools in our hands and fall is our biggest selling season.

Many of you reached new heights with your business during the spring/summer season. Many of you had "life" happen and didn't reach the goals you had wanted to. Guess what? Every catalog season we get a "do over". New start, new products, new goals, new perspective. In most "jobs", you don't get that chance. So what are you going to do with your new chance, new opportunity? Even if you had your highest sales totals, biggest party, etc., what's next for you?

Our team goals during this season are $20,000 per month and to add at least 3 new team members per month as a team. What are your goals? I'd like for each of us to write down our goals and share them with someone. Find that accountability partner. One who can check in with you on your progress toward your goals, plan with you, develop ideas with you. Who will yours be? We're CRAZY if we don't make the most of this beautiful opportunity and new start we've been given! Let's embrace it!

I'm behind you 131%!


Are you looking in the Rearview mirror?


How will you use your business to GIVE BACK? (grab a tissue and watch...amazing!)

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