The Illuminati Alliance

Tribe by Supertedooo


  1. Being a en cafer or you will be voted
  2. Your account must be 2 to 4 months old
  3. Avoid alt accounts in tribe
  4. At least 1 to 3 friends in the tribe
  5. You must be active on the en server

Our TIA staff


Don't spam /module or /np, it'll lead to disranking

Don't insult others or else it'll lead to disranking, next time it will be a kick.

Don't spam or have fun with the greeting message, such as "LOOOL I LOVE PIE :D"

Have fun!

Not following these rules can lead to kick or disranking from the tribe

These rules have been made by Supertedooo (our leader) If you have problems with any, please contact him.

How to join

Whisper a TIA staff member or post on our forums that you would like to join, if you're not a cafer, you will be voted.