Gabby's outstanding babysitting job

AMAZING and fun just for your kids to enjoy and have fun:]

Name and times available

My name is Gabby Layton I am 13 and I love kids I have to take care of my little cousin she is 6 years old but i am really good at what I do I can only work Monday Wednesdays and some times Fridays it depends if i have any gymnastics competitions on those days. I would not be free on week ends but i would be available on Sundays. I can come to your house to baby sit but you can also bring the children to my mom and dad's house that's if you would like to it is optional .


You can contact me on my moms phone number 210-306-1407 and her email that's the only contact you can call or email to


$10 -$20/hr

for any extra kids or any extra chores will be $4


going to be certified for babysitting


I had to baby sit my baby cousin and she is 6 years old and that's pretty much all the experiences I have had

why I am a good choice

I am a good choice to babysit your kids because i love kids and i am responsible and trustworthy I would not let your kids get hurt on my watch i would call you if there is any problem and i would follow your guys jobs that you all have me or want me to do i would clean your house pick up after your kids and do every thing that i would do in my house and with my cousin like i would do in regularly babysitting and i watch my sisters baby sit when they have to