Clear Creek Elementary

1st Day of School Information!

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Dismissal Procedures!

Car Riders:

  • Each family will be assigned a car loop/ carpool number.
  • Families will receive car tags at Welcome Back Night to hang on their rearview mirrors.
  • Each child will also receive a matching bag tag to keep on their backpack to help make sure they get to the correct spot each day to meet up with their siblings/carpool group.
  • In the gym, numbers are called to go to a certain cone that are marked by letters. For instance, we would say, "55 to A, 63 to B, 123 to C...."
  • We also display these numbers and assigned cone letters on the screen in the gym, so students know where to go in case they didn't hear it correctly.
  • Teachers also assist students during this time and we have Eagle Patrol who will walk small children to their cones as they are getting used to the process.
  • At each cone, there is an adult who will open the car door and assist the students into the car.
  • Drivers, please stay off your phones to help keep everyone safe and the car line moving.
  • Finally, please note that students must enter and exit cars on the passenger side for safety reasons.


  • We have two exits for students who walk.
  • The back door walkers use the path in the back to go up the hill towards the neighborhood.
  • We also have the south door exit where parents can meet them across the south crosswalk.
  • Please see the map below for these locations.

Bus Riders-

  • Bus riders will be escorted to the front bus loop at dismissal.
  • This includes children that will ride a daycare bus/van.


  • JCPRD students will be dismissed to the JCPRD designated areas at the end of dismissal to meet a JCPRD Teacher.
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2022-23 Clear Creek Staff

Office Staff:

Principal: Kelley Begley McCall

School Improvement Specialist: Kayla Wiedeman

Lead Secretary: Jill Ussery

Building Secretary: Angi Banfield

Nurse: Amanda McGlasson


Maygan Howard

Lauren Howard

Kayla Mahurin (formerly Dailey)

Kaely Flores

1st Grade:

Sherri Fisher

Amy Morris

Morgan Westfall (formerly Rutter)

Tricia Scott

Marissa Bundy

2nd Grade:

Abby Hundley

Mindy Leas

Kylie Findley (formerly Ogden)

Leanna McClintock

3rd Grade:

Shannel Congleton

Kris Leonard

Alyssa Judd

Grace Bumgarner

Lauren Taylor

4th Grade:

Loralie Koca

Linda Biehl

Sara Gehrt

Madison Finley

5th Grade:

Beth Loosbrock

Greg Tomlinson

Sydney Thompson

Aften Graham

Music: Jennifer Donovan

PE: Sara Tomlinson

Art: Megan Clark

Library: Dandra Arter

Technology: Courtney Arnote

Counselor: Amanda Hartegan

Band: Russell Harvey

Discovery Room

Amanda Morgan

Nicole McQueen

Nan Brumbaugh


Cheryl Coy

Kim Wong

Rene Cahoy

Brooke Riffel

Heather Humphrey

Danielle McCulley

Erin Claycamp

Chelan Lewis

Reading Specialist

Allison Johnson

Reading TA

Victorica Hutchison

Math Aide

Nicole Russell


Chrissy Russell

Aide Tim Todd


Sam Bickel

Social Worker

Melanie Fouts

Speech Pathologist

Katy Kesler

Speech TA

Rachael Whitten

Occupational Therapist

Jana Flannigan

Physical Therapist

Mindy Schwartzkopf


Rusty Rhodes

Donna Wagner

Lunch Room Aide

Erin Claycamp

Food Service

Stacy Torney

Susan Pilchard

Ty Wilson