Poway High School Academic Planning

2023-2024 Incoming Freshman

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Welcome to Poway High!

Titans, Class of 2027! We are so excited to meet you! This newsletter is filled with information to help you choose classes for next year. All the information needed to complete a Course Request Form (CRF) and enter your class requests online can be found here.

We are a trimester school that allows students to take up to 15 courses per year. Each trimester 4 classes is a full schedule, however a student can take up to 5 classes. With a schedule of 4 classes, one period would be "Off Roll". This period allows them extra study time while participating in sports, music, work, and other extra-curricular activities.

Click here to learn more about our school to include an overview, general information, special recognition, academic information and more!

Sample 9TH Grade Trimester Schedule

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Important Dates for Course Requests

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8th Grade Family Night! March 14th @ 5 pm

Come by and get to know us! This is a great opportunity to begin making connections, learn more about what Poway High has to offer and get familiar with our campus.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Optional: Brief Q&A Family Appointments

Counselors will be offering brief family appointments for questions about course selection on March 22nd & 28th, 2023. In order to provide all families with the ability to have their questions answered, families are limited to one, ten minute, appointment slot.

The link to make an appointment will be available shortly.

A - Dag: Karly Wardwell

Dah-Hoc: Jerrah Smith

Hod-McG: Tanya Ibrahim

McH- Rue: Blanca Arreguin

Ruf - Z: Jerilyn Padua Reyes

Course Request Process for Students from PUSD Middle Schools

Step 1 - Review Course Request Worksheet (CRW) to determine course options for 9th grade. Talk with your current teachers to help you choose appropriate courses. Also discuss your course choices with your parents to help you create a balanced schedule.

Step 2 - Complete your grade level Course Request Worksheet (CRW) to select courses for next year.

Step 3 - Enter Course Requests in Synergy.

Step 4 - Return Course Request Form (CRF) to your middle school.

Use your CRW to complete your CRF form.

Return your Course Request Form (CRF) to your middle school.

Students keep the course request worksheet (CRW) for their records.

*In August during Registration (the week before school starts) students will receive a list of their scheduled courses.

Course Request Resources

Counselors will present course request information to 8th grade students at Twin Peak, Meadowbrook, and Black Mountain Middle Schools. In preparation for selecting courses for 9th grade, students should review the following information:

The Course Request window will be open from March 15th at 8:00 am to April 1st at 4:00pm.

Course Request Portal Opens March 15

Click to enter your 15 courses plus 3 alternates.

Academic Planning Tools

Course Request Process for Students with Intra-District Transfers

The District Transfer Window CLOSES 3/31. Make sure you apply before it closes.

Intra-District Transfers

If you are at your middle school on an Intra-District Transfer, you still need to reapply if you do not live in the boundary of the school you want to go to. If you are in the process of getting an Intra-District Transfer, please complete the CRF Worksheet and Online Registration for the school you are slated to attend.


Please complete the CRF Worksheet for the school you are applying for an Intra-District Transfer to attend next year.


At the top of both CRF Worksheets write that you are applying for an Intra-District Transfer and the school you are hoping to attend.


Turn in both worksheets and submit courses online by the due dates.

Example: If you are slated to attend Westview, but would like to come to Poway, You will fill out Westview's Course Request Form and Online Course Selection, then you will also fill out Poway's Course Request Form. At the top of the form(s) write that you applied for an IDT to Poway High. Be sure to submit everything by the due dates.

Inter-District Transfers

If you live outside the Poway Unified boundaries, you can apply for an Inter-District Transfer from the PUSD Office. According to the District Instructions for Inter-District Transfers, you may not know if you are approved until just before school starts in August. Be sure to follow any enrollment/registration requirements for your home school, in case your transfer is denied.

PHS Counseling


A - Dag: Karly Wardwell

Dah-Hoc: Jerrah Smith

Hod-McG: Tanya Ibrahim

McH- Rue: Blanca Arreguin

Ruf - Z: Jerilyn Padua Reyes

Intervention and CTE: Kyle Levesque

Student Services: Sharon Struck

Support Staff

Counseling Assistant

Career and Guidance Technician: Jaime Brown

Registrar: Michelle Bourget

Student Data Tech: Jodie Hughes

Website: http://www.powayusd.com/phs
Location: 15500 Espola Road, Poway, CA, USA
Phone: (858)748-0245
Twitter: @PHSTitanCenter



Richard Nash

Assistant Principals:

A-F: Gannon Burks

G-M: Monique Kanouse

N-Z: Mike Gizzo