by: Aaron Kennedy

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Tsunami paragraph

Tsunamis can cause terrible disasters. A tsunami is a group of moving waves that causes water to go up as high as 100 feet and will go onto land. Tsunamis often happen in the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the Ring of Fire. Tsunamis goes faster than a plane. Two other ways tsunamis can cause landslides or volcanic eruptions underwater. Tsunamis can go so fast it can go across the Pacific Ocean in one day.

Tsunami poem


Waves crashing to the shore

sending surges of water over 100 feet

People running to higher lands

scared of losing their house and family

Under the water the ocean floor is unsettled

The Pacific Ocean rages

knowing that in only one day it could be clear

Rumbling, roaring, and ripping

“Ring of Fire” in fear

given an 80% chance

for this disaster to race 500 miles per hour

Waves screaming

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