In the next day or two, public opinion will sway whether the City will continue with its plans to demolish an iconic old wooden train trestle that's been hidden here in Willow Glen for 90 years, or whether it will reconsider its action and instead work to adapt the trestle and make it the crown jewel of the Los Gatos Creek Trail at its junction with the Three Creeks Trail.

YOU can make a difference!

Please go to the website. Study the literature, look at the pictures, view the video, research the linked reference material,

and then >please< click on the link and send a short note to our Mayor, Councilmembers, County Supervisors, and Water District Directors and let them know whether you feel the trestle should be preserved.

Link to San Jose Mercury News Editorials

Historic Trestle

Link to petition to save the trestle

Please take a moment to click the link, click on the "Willow Glen Trestle" button, and express your opinion!