Jaime Garcia


#1. Capitalism is an economic system characterized by by private sector ownership and private sector of the major economic features of a society.

#2. Another benefit that Capitalism have is Economic growth which firms an individual to encourage and work hard this creates a climate of innovation and economic expansion.

#3. Capitalism companies can have a clear benefits under a capitalist economy under different economic systems for a number of reasons.

#4. Free markets are the natural state of trade.

Facts about Capitalism.

#1. Capitalism is the economic and political system that developed in other countries in the late century.

#2. The government spend so much that he is guarantee tax rates will go through the roof in our future.

#3.Capitalism prices are the distribution of goods that mainly determined by the competition in the market.


#1. Social benefit Ignore.

#2. Inherited wealth and wealth inequality.

#3. Diminishing marginal utility of wealth.

Why Capitalism Works


Capitalism is a system of a division of labor under ownership of all factors of production except for the goals that you have and that you obtained for the provision of defense services via taxation and it would help you a lot.