A Guide to Bunburying

---by Dinah Kirkendall---

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is creating fictional person in another place you use to get away from your responsibilities and you normal life for different reasons

Why should I Bunbury?

People may Bunbury to get away from their responsibilities, family, friends, and other things in their personal life. Have you ever wanted to do something that you could never do because of who you are? Have you ever want to get away and have some fun? Then Bunburying is definitely something for you to try.

STEP 1: Thought Process

If you become a Bunburyist, it is obvious you want to get away from you real life and do things out of the ordinary. So you have to become another person meaning a new name. Also, find new occupation, or something to do while Bunburying.

  1. Think of a new name, but make sure there isn't anyone else in the place you will do your Bunburying, to avoid confusion. Also, you have to be positive that the name is common so you won't standout and draw undesired attention to yourself.
  2. Choosing your occupation, or something you can do while Bunburying. Giving you a opportunity to do something you shouldn't, wouldn't, and couldn't do as your self. For example, maybe you were a popular dietitian, you could possible Bunbury to eat junk food and to be lazy. Bunburying allows you to do things for pleasuring reasons, that you couldn't do as yourself.
  3. With a different identity, comes a different look. You have to think of a new look, but make sure your new look isn't a drastic change. Maybe find a wig, a false mustache, wear a little more makeup, or just change the way you dress.

STEP 2: Legalizing

Legal documents will be needed so you can have some legal proof for your Bunburying identity. You will need the following legal documents:
  • Birth Certificate
  • A photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • possibly even Credit or Debit Cards
Having these legal documents will also help you if you were to have an alteration with the law. Also, if someone were to ever question your identity, your birth certificate or photo ID will relieve their doubts. It is important to get these things for you Bunburying identity.

STEP 3: Connections

You will need some sort of connections with someone or something in the place you will do your Bunburying. Having one of the following to connect you to the place where you will Bunbury will be really helpful:

  • family member
  • close friend
  • job/business
  • house/property
Having some sort of connection to the place you plan on Bunburying, will make most suspicions and curiosities go away.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I'm sure you're wondering what problems you could possible encounter, but there are more than you would think. A few problems are:
  1. getting caught up with the law
  2. someone finding out your true identity
  3. getting you real life and Bunburying life mixed together
  4. someone from you true life noticing you while Bunbury
There are many problems you can run into while Bunburying, but if you are careful enough you won't have to worry. Remember, you don't want to have any problems.

How to Avoid Most Problems

When Bunburying, you don't want to encounter too many problems. There are some ways to avoid most problems.

  1. don't share your real address with anyone
  2. don't tell anyone your real identity
  3. don't get in any trouble with the law
  4. don't tell anyone from your real life about what you really plan on doing
  5. make sure your real relatives and friends don't suspect anything or begin to get curious
If you don't do the things listed above, you have a least chance of someone finding out who you really are and possibly ruining your reputation. There are many problems, but with most problems comes a solution.

You are now ready to try Bunburying



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