Flower Garden Banks Reef

By: Nick Otts

Where is Flower Garden Banks?

The reef is located about 100 miles off the last of Galveston. This reef is incredibly healthy and resembles what the Great Barrier Reef looked like.
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Come visit us!

You can take a trip to our family friendly resort today! We offer a couple of all inclusive packages.

The Day-To-Day package which you pay $1,257 per night (all resort meals on us!)

And the Resort-Dweller package where you pay $12,576 for a family to stay a week and a half. (Includes 2 free dives per person, meals, room service, and a snorkel tour.)

For an extra $256 per night, you and your family can stay in our luxury ocean suites. From these suites, you can see into the ocean with the class panel in the floor.

Book a flight today!

You can book a flight from Dallas to Galveston on American Airlines for $319.20 (round trip) for a week per person. Or you can book it with United for $473.20 (round trip) per person.

Yummy food!

Our resort has a variety of different foods from different cultures. We have Mexican food, delicious Texas style BBQ, fresh seafood, Italian style pizza, and much, much more.
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This resort is located on a reef. In this reef there are numerous dangerous animals such as sharks. The weather is also not guaranteed to be perfect and so be warned that, if weather does not permit, diving on the reef is not guaranteed.