Hardware Devices In A Computer

By Jawairiya Qadir


Every computer has and needs a motherboard. The motherboard connects with all of different components of the computer. And is often matched with the CPU and RAM. The motherboard can be thought of as the heart of the computer, as all other components need it for a system to run properly.
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CPU (central processing unit)

A processor or CPU is essentially the computers judgment part of the brain. It performs the basic arithmetical, logical and input/output operations of the system.

Examples of CPU's:

Intel core, AMD, Intel Pentium D, AMD 64 Athlon X2, Intel Pentium 4, AMD 64 Athlon, AMD Sempron

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Your computer’s power supply, or PSU, is a critical part of your computer. It has to supply the exact or near exact voltage at the required wattage to all of the circuitry inside your computer. The processor and memory are particularly sensitive and require an exact supply or as near as possible to one.
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