Toddler Clothing

Tessa and Megan


  • avoid drawstrings- can get caught in playground equipment, fences, or tree branches
  • choking hazards- avoid buttons, bows, tassels, beads, or other embellishments which can come loose and become a choking hazard
  • loose knits- avoid loosely knitted clothing such as sweaters, booties, hats or mittens, tiny fingers or toes can get caught in the gaps between threads


  • skin is delicate and sensitive as a baby’s
  • soft fabrics like stretchy cotton
  • breathable and easy to move in
  • well finished seams that won’t rub
  • non-scratchy tags(can always cut them out)
  • beware of appliques and other decorative elements that can scratch or irritate
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Self Dressing

  • buy items that make self dressing as easy as possible
  • bottoms with elastic waists instead of buttons or zippers
  • tops with neck holes large enough for them to slip their heads through easily
  • shirts with buttons and snaps large and easy enough for them to at least attempt
  • this will make learning to dress themselves a source of fun and learning

Quality Construction

  • need to withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • need to make it through multiple washings and dryings


  • clothes should be washed often to keep kids sanitary
  • be sure to remove stains before washing