White Elephants News

BC Weekday

Hello everyone,

Please help us!!!! Almost all of our babies are crawling. What happened? It's amazing what one week can do for a kid.
Now we have to use gates, and be more alert.
We just want to know who gave them permission to grow so fast? Almost every one of them have teeth and all of them are eating solids now.

The new nap schedule is working fine. Some adjustments here and there, but we love to have everybody on track by now. Thank you for your collaborations. Because everybody has the same nap schedule, we are making time to go outside more often. The babies love to enjoy the good spring whether, and the teachers too. Sunscreen is appreciated.

Ms. SynDee came and sang with our class combined with the class next door.

All in all, we can say that things are moving well and our babies are having fun with us.

We are going to celebrate Mother's Day, Thursday May 5th. Moms, come and have some tea with us.

Hope you all have a great week.

Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Monica, Ms. Joni & Ms. Makeisha.