Bubbly Swim Lessons

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For only $25/ per half hour, you will be able to swim in no time. There are many classes ranging from children to adults and beginners to experts!

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All of our swim lessons take place at the Bridgewater Ymca. There will be two lanes for the group and if you wanted your child to have a private lesson, you only have to pay $5 extra! This private lesson consists of more one on one instruction. Most of the time you can set up the time for private lessons unless we only have certain pool time.

Guaranteed to be a splash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I bring two of my kids to a private lesson or do I have to pay more?

A. Yes you can and you don't need to pay extra, just expect for there to be less one on one time. You might want to book two private lessons. Then, we will charge half the price for each, to equal the original price.

Q. Is the promo code only off your first lesson, or can I use it again?

A. No you can only use the promo code once and we encourage you to create an account because you get a free lesson when you have booked 10 lessons over time!

Q. How can I book a lesson?

A. You go to our website and click on Booking, and choose the lesson you want from there.

* If you have any additional questions, you can email us at our address below.

Visit us at our website: www.bubblyswimlessons.org

On our site, you can find the lesson right for you and apply our promo code to get 10% off your purchase when you book the lesson. All of our instructors phone numbers are also located on the site.