St.Louis Blues

Beau Preston

Team information

Name of team-St.Louis Blues




Longitude and Latitude- 38N,90W


Languages spoken-English

Team mascot info

What is the team mascot? Louie the Bear

Are there any nicknames for the team and what are they? No, just the blues.

How does this nickname connect with the culture of the region? St.Louis has had a history of Jazz/Blues.


When was this team established? 1967
Who was the founder? Robert Wolfson
Why did they choose this location? The NHL expanded and St. Louis was chosen over Baltimore.
Does this mascot connect with the history of this region and how? Louie the Bear is a bear because there was a big polar bear exhibit at the St. Louis zoo.


What is the name of the stadium/arena? Scott-Trade Center
Why does the stadium/arena have its name? Due to a sponsorship from a company
Has this stadium ever had another name? If so, what was it? Yes, it was called the Kiel Center.
More and more stadiums are being named after major businesses instead of individuals. Why has there been a shift in the naming of stadiums? More companies are willing to pay to have their name on a professional stadium/arena.