Fall Math Workshops

Grades 4-8

Questioning Strategies for Mathematics, Grades 4-8

Workshop #36036
October 10, 2013

The Questioning Strategies Seminar, presented by Beatrice Luchin, addresses the development of the art of questioning as a tool to promote thinking and incorporate rigor into daily instruction. The use of graphic organizers and formative assessment strategies is addressed.

Introduction to the Revised Mathematics TEKS, Grades K-8

Workshop #36127
October 17, 2013

Find out what standards are new to each grade level and explore a gap analysis for the transition from the current TEKS to implementation and assessment of the new mathematics TEKS. Examine the learning progressions within the newly revised mathematics TEKS that develop fluency and proficiency. Engage in activities designed to support and enhance fluency, leading to student success on statewide assessments and post-secondary readiness.

Rigorous Problem Solving for Math, Grades 4-8

Workshop #36148
October 29, 2013

We will explore teaching through problem solving, classroom discourse, and questioning considerations. This problem solving series is organized around the TEKS Readiness Standards. Participants will receive one grade level book, Lone STAAR Rigorous Problem Solving.

Supporting STAAR Achievement, Grades 4-8

Workshop #36150
November 12, 2013

Participants will explore a collection of lessons that address the math Readiness Standards. Each lesson includes Tier 1 differentiated activities that help identify where students are and support student progress toward success on STAAR. Participants will also learn how to engage student in TEKS-based activities assessed on STAAR. Participants will receive two grade level books, Supporting STAAR Achievement: Targeting the TEKS and Readiness Standards and Engaging Mathematics: TEKS-Based Activities.

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