Ms. Dimmitt's Classroom News

May 9, 2016

Student Shout Outs!

*The students all did a wonderful job on our field trip to Wilson Creek Battlefield. They asked great questions and were very attentive listeners.

*Students finished iReady testing and we had almost 100% of students improve their score from the middle of the year test!

*We have three students from our classroom participating in the talent show on Tuesday: Hunter Richards, Elizabeth Enos, and Avery Burtin!

*The students, with some help from their amazing parents, threw a great celebration for teacher appreciation week on Friday! This year I have been truly blessed with a wonderful group of students and parents!

Silver Dollar City Information

Silver Dollar City Reminders"

  • We are going this Friday, May 13th!!
  • Out bus will leave by 9:00am sharp! (We are not riding on the yellow school but, but a nice charter bus instead!)
  • We have purchases a ticket for every child (unless your child has a season pass, in that case we're using their pass).
  • We have purchases a lunch voucher for each child. Parents are responsible for purchasing their own lunch.
  • We are giving each child $10 to spend for an extra drink, snack, etc.
  • We are encouraging and want every child to wear thier yellow field trip shirt. It is crazy down there and being in the same color helps keep track of groups.
  • Parents who are going and turned in money on time for their tickets- your ticket has been purchases and you will get that soon! Those who didn't send in money will either be using their season pass or you are aware that you're purchasing your own ticket that day at the gate. Tickets have already been purchases for those who sent in their money on time.
  • We will plan on leaving SDC by 4:30pm and returnign no later to Field than 5:30pm. Please be waiting on our arrival by 5:15pm.

Other Things:

  • Students are welcome to bring money with them, but they are responsible for it, not their chaperone (unless it's your own child!)
  • Students can also bring their cell phones that day if they have permission from their parents, but again, they are responsible for this, not chaperones. Sometimes the kids like to have these for pictures or what not.
  • Basically whatever your child brings that 's anything extra (money, phone, jacket, etc.) they will be responsible for keeping track of and carrying.

This will be a very fun and exciting day!!

What Are We Learning?

MATH: This week students will be sharing their theme park projects with the class. They will also be taking some benchmark assessments over everything we have learned this year in math. Students have also been working in a new math program called Dreambox.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: Students will continue meeting with their book clubs and working on reading comprehension. Students will be finishing their book club books and doing a project over their book. Students will be reviewing the writing process through quick writes. The will be creating digital resumes to send to the middle school they will be attending. We will continue reading from our read aloud book, The Man Who Loved Clowns.

UNIT OF INQUIRY: We will be continuing our Who We Are unit. The central idea for this unit is, differing perspectives create opportunities for communication. We will be learning about the major battles of the Civil War and the strategies of both the north and the south. Students will be writing a letter from the perspective of a solider in the war.

Upcoming Events

May 11th- Talent Show @ 1:30 until 3:30

May 13th- Silver Dollar City

May 17th- 5th Grade Graduation @ 1:30

May 18th- 5th Grade Field Day

May 19th- Last Day of School